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Chasing Butterflies

"Don't chase the butterfly. Mend your garden, and let the butterfly come." Well there are times in sewing that we have to do some mending. This woven brocade fabric gifted to me by Minerva is absolutely gorgeous with metallic threads and colorful butterflies woven throughout. Wanting to use every bit of this fabric, I did some mending by combining patterns and fabric to create four garments and the butterflies came through. But, let me pause here to unpack this brocade to help you better see it. The butterfly details make this fabric marvelous. The colors include teal, mustard, mauve, black and silver. There's butterflies in mauve and mustard with black speckled wings popping out emitting cheetah vibes. There's butterflies in black and silver emanating zebra vibes. Read on to see how I turned 4 yards of fabric into four garments plus a bonus belt.

Garment 1 - Beaute' J'adore High Neck Yoke Dress.

This first garment (A-line dress) was a disappointment because this fabric just doesn't have the drape needed for the pattern I chose. I generally don't wear A-line dresses but wanted to try something different. My plan is to transform this dress into a top and a pencil skirt so I can actually wear these butterflies.

Garment 2 - Vogue 9187 Vintage Top

This is my stash-busting go to pattern. It requires less than one yard of fabric when using scraps for the facing. This brocade provides the perfect structure for this top. Also, it's super beginner friendly because you can skip the back zip especially if your fabric has some stretch. Oh and the sequin suit is Butterick 6718. It's my current go to pattern for a simple coordinated suit.

Garment 3 - McCalls 8048 Jacket with Butterick 6385 Sleeves

Suggested fabrics include brocade so I knew this would be a great choice for this jacket. I used less than the 1&3/4 yards needed by color blocking with a black fabric from my stash. Not enough fabric for the #M8048 sleeve so used #B6385 for a two piece sleeve and color blocked the undersleeve in black. A big plus with this pattern is that it includes different cup sizes. Amazingly the Butterick sleeve was a perfect fit for the armscye so no adjustment needed. Win!

Garment 4 - Vogue 1665 Pants

#V1665 pant requires 1&3/4 yards but I used less by color-blocking to accomplish my final garment in butterflies. I was pleasantly surprised with the fit of these pants. They are very comfortable and I will modify the next pair by adding an inch to the back rise. Matter of fact, I've already made that change on the pattern piece because I will definitely be making these again. It's also a perfect pattern for color-blocking making the possibilities endless. My only modification was to move the zip to the side. Maybe it's just me, but I have this fear of a back zip on pants coming undone while sitting. The horror!

Bonus - The Belt

Need a scrap buster? Check youtube for helpful videos on belt making. It' s a quick and easy accessory.

Rx for success tip: Although this brocade ravels less than others I've worked with, it does ravel. You'll need to finish all edges. If you decide to sew with brocade, invest in a serger! I've tried sewing brocade before purchasing one and believe me...It's a game changer!

Well, that's my 4 yards, 4 garments, Butterfly Brocade mini collection. This Woven Brocade fabric is a winner so go ahead...stop chasing butterflies and grab some now!

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