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Green Goodness DIY

I was initially in awe of the vibrant color of this Emerald Wool Jersey Knit fabric gifted to me by Minerva. No worries if green is not your color, it's available in several other vibrant and basic colors. As soon as I touched this fabulous wool, I knew it had to be paired with something special. Minerva describes it perfectly as "beautifully soft and smooth!" It looks and feels very similar to a sweater knit. Although it’s described as wool, there’s no itchy, scratchy feel when wearing. Just super softness. This is indeed a Green Goodness DIY! Oh and wait, the best thing about this fabric is that it's super easy to sew. I'd never worked with wool jersey knit before and was pleasantly surprised when I managed to complete two stress-free projects.

I found my special pairing in this Vogue dress for my first emerald project. This fabric and the statement sleeves on this #V1633 dress pattern were made for each other! The pattern fabric recommendations include Jersey and this wool jersey proved to be perfect. Again Minerva's description that this knit "drapes like a dream" is spot on! The pleats on the sleeves were a bit confusing but I somehow ended up with awesomely draped sleeves thanks to this fabric. Not sure if they're pleated correctly, but I love these sleeves. Here's my "Rx for Success" tip for the sleeves with this knit fabric--- Use tailor's tacks (see photo) to mark your pleats and be sure to mark all lines for pleating. This wool jersey knit is perfect for this pattern so go ahead, choose your color, and get to sewing. Also, with the great stretch of this fabric, I was able to skip the zipper in the back. That's always a plus for a snail sewist like myself.

Note: I was unable to capture the beauty of the true emerald green color of this fabric. My IPhone insisted on adding blue undertones. See the photo below showing tailor's tacks for a better idea of the color.

Up close look at color, texture, and tailor's tacks.

The vibrant emerald color of this wool jersey proved perfect for an analogous color combo. An analogous color combo would be three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. That color wheel is worth googling if you want to add color to your wardrobe but not sure how. Choose your three colors and create the perfect color mix! This butterick jumpsuit pattern, #B6716, is my new obsession and this color mix makes it even better! This jumpsuit is beginner friendly especially if your fabric has a good amount of stretch. The bodice is ponte knit and paired with this stretch wool jersey, again I was able to omit the back zipper. Oh and that yellow jacket is a simplicity pattern by Mimi G, #S8177. I added the sleeve tabs. Thanks to @katiekortmanart & @annarosilily for helping me discover the color wheel with their #wearhappycolor2020 challenge.

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