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Jungle Jacquard

I cannot describe how joyful I was when I received this Cheetah Stretch Jacquard from Minerva. The weight and stretch of this fabric makes it extremely versatile and it can easily be sewn to perfection for an array of garments. I chose to make a dress and pants with a bit leftover to add cheetah accents to a jacket. Read on to see how I combined 4 patterns to achieve the Cheetah Mustard Wool look.

The Dress – This is Vogue 1671 and I made this as part of Vogue’s Yellow Dress Challenge. The pattern states “Easy” as the sewing category but let me warn you that it is not. The invisible zipper, lining, and banding makes it at least intermediate. This well drafted pattern sews up great in Woven Jacquard and the stretch is a plus to assist with fitting. Search #yellowdresschallenge to see all the possibilities with this pattern. The only modification I made was the length. The pattern offers two lengths and I cut my length between the two as one was too long and the other too short for the look I wanted.

The Pant – Same pattern, #V1665, as my last post. Why? Because these pants are my new obsession. The pattern is so well drafted that there’s no need to modify! They are super comfortable to wear and yes, I really love wearing pants! The stretch of this cheetah fabric allows for even more comfort. Only thing I’ll do different with my next pair would be to add to the length. I’m 5’7” but my legs are very long so think I might like another inch or two in the length. The pattern is super easy to sew and if you grab some of this cheetah jacquard with 20% stretch, you’ll have a less stressful fitting process.

The Jacket – So here’s where I took a simple jacket pattern, McCalls 8048, and made it difficult. I wanted to add the cheetah accents of this beautiful jacquard so used the two piece sleeve from Butterick 6385. The sleeve matched the armscye perfectly so no problem there; however, I also wanted a collar. That’s where the issues came. I wanted a collar but I don’t do collars well and they kinda stress me out so I decided to use the lapel from Butterick 6718, a pattern I’ve made many times because it’s such and easy, quick sew. The lapel gives the appearance of a collar but way less stressful for me. Well, the lapel did not fit this jacket well and I ended up with unmatched lapels. Needless to say, I had to pull out the seam ripper and this jacket wasn’t completed until 2 days later. I’m happy with the end result but will probably leave the lapel with #B6718. I do like this jacket pattern a lot and it’s also helping me clear that hurdle of buttonhole making. That’s a whole other blog post though, my fear of buttonholes and how I desperately want to overcome that fear because buttons can really level up a garment. Like these shank buttons from @moodfabrics!

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